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For those of us who love to knit lace, there are a plethora of patterns from which to choose. For those of us who want to delve deeper into gossamer lace, there are a growing number of printed patterns available. I'd like to add the library of patterns for gossamer lace garments starting with these patterns that are constructed in the Orenburg-style but with design elements from the Southwestern USA textile traditions of Anasazi, Pueblo and Navajo peoples.

My teacher, Galina Khmeleva, has been my principal source of inspiration as well as my source for patterns and information, both from her outstanding books and her wonderful workshops & classes. Thus, the Orenburg lace tradition is the place from which these patterns owe their roots, but being an eclectic, I give myself permission to learn and glean from all lace & textile traditions.

These patterns will give details instructions with photographs for the construction as well as pattern charts.

Santa Fe Lightning Shawl
Pattern #001

This is my first pattern,Santa Fe Lightning Shawl with 26 peaks per side, and is available at

I love the format of Orenburg-style shawls, and so I'm starting with this small shawl or large scarf (44 inches or 112 cm square) using symbols and graphic elements from my home, the desert Southwest.

Santa Fe Mountain Trails Shawl
Pattern #002

My second pattern is Santa Fe Mountain Trails Shawl, available at

This is a large, square shawl with 36 peaks per side.
(approximately 65" x 65").

Santa Fe Summer Skies Shawl
Pattern #003

Santa Fe Summer Skies Shawl is available at

This is a medium-sized shawl with 32 peaks per side.

Santa Fe Starry Skies Scarf
Pattern #004

Santa Fe Starry Skies Scarf, is available at

This scarf has 6 peaks at each end,
and is approximately 15" x 60".

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